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Shungite Pyramid Pre-Order

Shipping time: 7 days


Shungite Pyramid Polished or Natural Stone (Pre-Order)

Please note that delivery can take up to 5 weeks as items are order from Russia and are made to order. 

It can be used for grounding, balancing, alignment with higher energies, and protection.

Use the Shungite Pyramid to enhance all of your crystals and gemstones by using it as a platform to place them on. The pyramid not only charges the stones but also amplifies their energy.

This multi-purpose crystal tool can be used for meditation and divination purposes, or placed in areas you want to dissipate negative energy.

Also pyramids from shungite rocks are the ideal amulet to protect yourself from the negative impact of the emf and geopathogenic zones. 

The pyramid structure provides a very complex arrangement of channels, which makes it possible to direct "negative" energy away from the person who carries it, as well as neutralise harmful and 5g and electromagnetic radiation (emf) of various sources. 

Our shungite pyramids are handcrafted. 

When you are ordering this item - Shipping choose to collect, our aim is to be able to bring these to someplace in Limerick and you can pick the up. Or we can post them out and once I have them I will be able to let you know on shipping costs as shipping a large piece can be up to 15e

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