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Mahogany Obsidian Sterling Silver Pendant

€ 27.00

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Mahogany Obsidian is a type of Obsidian with Hematite or Magnetite inclusions within, giving it its red, brownish colour. 

Giving both protection and grounding effect, mahogany obsidian provides strength when you are in need. Moreover, this also relieves tension, gets rid of blockages, as well as encourages growth on overall levels. You can also work with the mahogany obsidian if you want to repossess your own power.

The energies of Mahogany-Obsidian will connect to your base and sacral chakras. This will allow a cleansing and purification to take place so that you can release your negative patterns and energetic ‘implants’, as well as negative energies that are disrupting the flow of your creative energies. The protective energies of this stone will also shield you from any kind of negative psychic attacks.

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