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Cherry quartz with Garnet Sterling Silver Pendant

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Cherry quartz with Garnet Sterling Silver Pendant

The cherry quartz belongs to the famous quartz family. They usually appear in natural environments. 

Cherry quartz is excellent in healing and for your overall health. 

It is excellent if you end up with random colds every now and then, not to mention the flu. It can also treat mild infections and burns. Its effects go further than that, as the stone is well known for its capability to strengthen the heart. It will stimulate blood circulation and help against problems related to arterial tension. Simply put, it is a heart related stone.

Cherry quartz is just as helpful against autoimmune affections and it can help the respiratory function work by the standards. It is beneficial for headaches, migraines, sickness, vertigo and dizziness too, not to mention insomnia. If you can barely fall asleep or you have nightmares, cherry quartz will make the difference in no time. Its physical effects are more diversified, as the stone is great for arthritis and spinal contraction.

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