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Shungite Seed Pod Stone Pendant

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Shungite Seed Pod Stone Pendant

    • This a natural stone is usually about 1.2"
    • String is adjustable 16-28" comfort fit to wear every day,  just as easily to put on a silver chain
    • Authenticity - Certified stones extracted directly the Zazhoginsky mine.

    Following are just some of the numerous benefits of Shungite:

    • Assists in evolving spiritually.
    • Restores emotional balance.
    • Powerful protective stone - shields the wearer from negative energies of all kinds, including psychic protection.
    • Removes negative energies and thoughts. Shields from harmful electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) from cell phones, computers, Wi-Fi, cell towers, TVs, etc.
    • Provides healing on all levels: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.
    • Cell rejuvenation 
    • Catalyst for growth and transformation.
    • Increases personal power. 
    • Raises vibration. 
    • Grounds energies to the earth.
    • Promotes positivity 
    • Clears and balances aura and chakras. 
    • Enhances metaphysical abilities. 
    • Boosts energy. 
    • Normalises sleep. 
    • Works with all the chakras.

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